A11 Pink Abrasive stone

A11 Pink Abrasive stone



Main applications:

Set up portable electric or air grinders for a wide range of blending and finishing requirements. It is used in all foundries, heavy engineering and machine shops, toolroom and in the construction industry. They are used for blending tools and molds, deburring and enlarging of holes, fettling of castings and many other operations where removal of excess material is required .


For polishing the angle of the metals , such as Bicycle,Scooter,Angles of the handrails of stainless steel stairs,decoration.




Characters Of Stone Mounted Point :


These polishing mounted stones are cotton laminated, impregnated with abrasive grain. 

Mounted Stone with stength of hard wearing & good concentricity. Hot sales items.


Attentions of Stone Mounted Point :

1.The rolling speed of the polishing machine affects the surface finishing,which is proper to be controlled under 3200 round/min. It makes the work piece burned easily with exceeding speed,so please use the approriate speed.


2.When the rolling speed is fixed,the speed and pressure of inserting work pieces should not be too quick and hard, otherwise the work pieces would be easily burned black and stick the blacsinter.


3.If the work piece is burned black,it can be recovered and improved by the abrasvie combination with abrasive cream,polishing wax and water and so on


Size of Pink Mounted stone available as below:


A11 Pink Abrasive stone


Pink Mounted point

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