Factory offer All size of Plane Flap Wheel

Factory offer All size of Plane Flap Wheel


1.cheap price

2.grinding processing quantity stability


1. Chucking Flap Wheels

2. Grit: 60#-320#

3. Common Size: 125*25*16mm, 150*25*25mm, 200*25*25(32)mm, 250*30*32mm, 250*40*32mm

4. Features: high efficiency, grinding processing quantity stability, not burn workpiece, continuous simple operation.

5. The central hole is reinforced by a metal ring whose size varies according to wheel diameter.

6. This big-sized tool ensures long life, continuous working cycles and reduced change time.

7. This product can be used both manually on flexible shaft machines and on stationary polishing machines.

8. Work face hard wear-resisting , sharp cutting, the stability of the physical and chemical properties, high security, is the best weapon for surface treatment.

9. Application: This product with a variety of automatic electric and manual grinding machine for grinding and polishing operation, widely used in furniture hardware, craft, bicycles, soft air tablets manufacturing industries, more than the hand-polished to save time

Factory offer All size of Plane Flap Wheel


Chuck Flap Wheel

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